File Sharing And Online Backup: Some Basic Information

File servers, laptops and computers can backup and recover files securely online with the help of online backup which is a kind of automatic resolution. Online backup allows you to store important documents online, access stored files from different locations, and coordinate with your co-worker and share documents. Military level encryption is utilized by the backup service providers to protect the stored files and the data is transferred to remote storage sites.

Working of Online Backup:

The online backup generally operates through backup software which allows you to choose files that are supposed to be backed up. Once that is done, it compresses and encrypts the data before it is transmitted to the offsite protected location. You can re-establish and observe the backup up files as and when required. In order to evaluate the backup process you can keep a watch on log files. Traditional backup methods are increasingly being replaced by the online backup services.

File Sharing:

Computer networks can be utilized to share documents with relatives, friends, clients and co-workers. The convenience and flexibility offered by the computer networks makes it a popular medium for sharing files.

File Sharing Methods:

•    The in-built features of Microsoft Windows allow people to share essential files and documents expediently.

•    Through FTP (file transfer protocol), you can easily perform file share via the internet.

•    Videos, music and other large files can be shared through another famous method called P2P (peer to peer).

•    Electronic mail has been a rage among the people for its amazing file sharing features.

•    Online file sharing services are offered by certain websites on which you have to upload the files and the other people can download the files from those websites. For More Details Visit